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Re: I am the universe

huwaaa "having a stroke and thinking at the same time!" what a clear mind thinking.

When i watch this video, I learned something of it.

I don't know if this is just my thought because I'm just an amateur but I just what to share my thought. Please correct me if I'm messing.

I had an a good conversation with Mr. Araneta Melchizedek bout why we people are dint make up each other and have an good conversation not in direct going in battle.

Why people always had an negative thought to others and make him down to make him self on top?

Why people make an companions to make them self show them that their good people?

Why if there is some war that religious always in connected? But I am not saying that religious at fault.
etc. and so on and so fort...

Please don't misinterpret some of my words.

well! I had learn lot from him when He talk all bout this and thanks to him that there some of my thought that open and realize what it is.


Mr. Araneta Melchizedek say this words to me "If you and your brothers had a fight. I stand in the middle and I'm not siding one of you! I'm the bridge to make you two make up."

Hope that all/we are have an clear and enlighten way of thinking always so that we can make an a peaceful and beautiful surrounding.

Just like the Jill Bolte Taylor says that which side of you that you'll choose in the right way? We can choose who we are that we want to be.

We can choose of our right Hemisphere of our brain to be one part of the universe/to all of you/to what we surrounded.

We can choose to our left Hemisphere of our brain to be the consciousness of me the individual of me separated by the universe and by all of you that make me an individual solid that not connected anything.

Well that not exactly what they say and i hear but that's what i understand.

Hope we can enlightenment the others in our own way.

If it is possible the whole human being in the world.

So then. Thank you.

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