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Re: Traditional vs Non Traditional training...questions

Thank you all for your replies.

Well, it is what it is. If a 45 minute commute is challenging to you, there's nothing more to be said about it.

It's not a huge challenge. I guess my point is that if I had the option to train at a dojo of equal quality closer to home it would be nice. I've got a family and I own my own business so every minute is valuable to me. With that being said I'm completely committed to training and will continue to make time to do so.

If Mary doesn't want to give you the "20 miles, through the snow, uphill, both ways" lecture, I will

My commute to the dojo takes 1.5 hrs one way. Recently, getting back home means more like 2 hrs, courtesy of our ailing Metro. And I still make it to the training on average 5 times a week.

On the other hand, before I signed up, I though it was too far away. And even for a while after I signed up, I thought I'd only be going once a week.

So my advice to you is, if you really like that dojo, stick with it for a while, despite the commute. Maybe after some time the commute will stop being a problem

That's very inspiring for me to hear. When I was looking for dojos I thought that I'd be happy with whatever I could find. I'm realizing that dojos like the one I'm a member of aren't as common as I thought.
I want learn the more traditional way. I think it helps me understand the true intent and purpose of the art.

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