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Re: Kisshomaru history

Kevin Flanagan wrote: View Post
I would be very interested in a book describing Ueshiba Kisshomaru's journey in aikido. I am not talking about technique, but what the man did in establishing aikido as a way for the rest of us. It appears to me, that without his commitment to spread aikido through out the world, we common folks would never have had a chance to learn any of this.

I , for one, am grateful to the man and to the institution that he created.

Anybody have suggestions?
Well, there is nothing in English, apart from what can be learned from various articles on Stanley Pranin's Aikido Journal website and also here. However, Kisshomaru has written his autobiography in Japanese. It is called Aikido Ichiro and is in process of being translated into English. I do not know when it will be ready.

Best wishes

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