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Understood - but I really do think that many people don't give Aikido the credit it deserves. Your teacher is trying to say that Aikido is worth a lifetime of study and that it is - but the question was about effectiveness. I really think that I can teach effective Aikido in less than a year - it might not be pretty but it will work.
Henry Tovar (Henry Javier) wrote:
Hello Peter.

I understand it sounds really disgusting to someone to listen that from an instructor. But i'll tell you a little secret, this expresion I mentioned, is used when a new student ask how many time does he need to handle and master the Aikido techniques, if you are a consequent trainer, I guess you are, you shure have been in troubles more than once trying to develope a technique, but with love and patience, you have had succes the most of the time, the biggest problem of we, the humans, plus the ego, is our lack of patience, we allways want the thinks inmediatly like a miracle, and this is hard to find. I claryfie this because i think my sensei is excellent and his mastery make us feel proud. He is not trying to make us perfect but humble.


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