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Henry Javier
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Hi everybody, it's been a long time since I wrote to the forums last time. I've been bussy training hard and working the same. My Sensei uses to say: "You will spend a lot of years, 10, 20, may be 30, to be able to apply a technique in a decent way". Anyone may think this sounds sad and unhappy. In honor to the truth, if you train thinking about "effectivenes" of Aikido and with the poor knowledge of a beginner, it is not possible to evaluate that, in the other hand if you forget the martial essence or the budo way you may be playing just a game, but anyway, I think that the way you decide, soon or later you'll find the right way of the budo, it's something like walking up to the summit, when you reach it, and find others that followed different routes, all of us will see the same sky, the same sun and the same moon. I agree with Kent, there's no sense playing basketball without trying to get the ball in the hoop. Keep training and you'll find the way, the right one.
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