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Re: My Own thoughts on Aikido

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Well...I had a jodo sensei once who said, to a student who was intellectualizing his experience, "Don't think -- do!" I think that was good advice -- yeah, it was a "shut up and train", and it was absolutely appropriate. Furthermore, I think that that's advice that applies very widely -- almost universally. I don't think it's just "some people", but the large majority of people -- as close to "everyone" as makes no difference -- who need a lot of doing to anchor a very little thinking, and that if you don't keep the proportion of doing to thinking waaaaay high, that's where the confusion comes in.

That's why I don't read aikido theory, and I avoid esoteric-sounding metaphors like "extend your ki" in favor of very concrete descriptions of mechanics. Of course the mechanics aren't all there is to it, but aikido is performed by physical bodies, and if we can't understand the mechanics -- if we aren't firmly grounded in the mechanics, by virtue of a great deal of practice -- what hope do we have of using the metaphors in a meaningful way, instead of just parroting them because they sound like the right thing to say? I'm not against books; I love to read. But aikido is a physical practice, not an esoteric practice, and I've only got a few years at it. I might be able to suck up some theory now and not be confused by it, but OTOH I don't need it, at least not at this point -- my practice is continuing to progress without it just fine. That being the case, I guess I'm just disinclined to mess with something that's working.
That was a great post. I've been on this forum for a bit now and it's easily deduced by alot of your posts that you are an opponent to the thought of anything that would make Aikido anything but physical movements. The above quote sums up some good points but I have been around the block on my tricycle, have been in fights and USED to watch MMA, was critically pragmatic....but I know that Aikido does offer an underlying philosophy or (insert word here) that other forms of self-defense do not have. I agree that one should put in the time before seeing a golden fountain in the garden.
You made it clear that the opinions are yours so I really respect that which is why I read your posts with a receptive attitude.
I guess it comes down to why one is studying Aikido...a personal path or choice in the hopes of gaining something...
If it's only about mechanics...get a firearm....they're a wonder of physical mechanics......

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