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Very Nice, among ways that I attempt to avoid violence is choosing who I support whether in TV, Radio, movie media, etc (I leave out religion and politics on purpose guys). We all love a good action film, but the very people in some cases that regale themselves with anti-weapons publicity, make money off showing us things blowing up and being riddled with bullets. There is a paradox there that is confusing. The good guy is the one that purveys the most lethal violence. Your way of teaching has such beauty in that by avoiding the violence your collision of solids, you re-direct this negative energy ( I will call it) to ground itself. This is a great lesson to me. A fiery meteor blazes into the atmosphere it is extinguished grounded and snuffed out. Along the path it can create fire and all sorts of havoc, but once grounded it is snuffed out. If the universe was set in path by a tremendous collision of violence and hence we were borne of violence, then on the other side there was a quiet void from whence it blasted. We need to search for the void, a quiet place to rest. The balance we call it Timbalin in Indonesian is tipped way to far and whatever we can do to stack up on the other side, we need to. I think you, your group and extensions do that everyday, and thats a good thing. Nice column

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