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Review: Tozando Deluxe Tetron Aikido Hakama

Below is what I posted as a review for the Tozando Deluxe Tetron Aikido Hakama, and thought people here might benefit from this. If there is any interest in photos or more information, just ask.

Note shipping from Japan to my door in Montreal took about 3 weeks. I am most happy with the purchase and performance of this product.

"Some questions regarding front obi length were answered quickly, changed length to 455cm. Wraps just right to fit my 33-34" waist leaving some 10 cm extra on each end.

Back obi is a little longer than I am used to, and can no longer let them hang as they whap me in the face during ukemi; have had to adopt a new tying method.

Fabric is light yet feels very strong after about 20 classes, looking forward to traveling with it as it will reduce bulk and weight.

The stitching of the front panels seems to make my folding technique suffer when it comes to getting the back pleats to stay put when flipping the hakama over. I am sure it is just me...

Went with silver embroidery for the kanji; though bright not obnoxiously so.

Sizing: went with their sizing chart, and a 26 on my 6-foot, 175-lb frame is indeed perfect.

Order placed Sept. 16, package received in Montreal using UPS Worldwide Express Oct. 2nd. Very fast.

Highly recommend both Tozando and this particular product."

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