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Re: Steven Seagal Interview

Adam Huss wrote: View Post
I don't know how true this is, but I read in an interview with Steven Seagal that he claimed seeing Ueshiba M, do an aikido demonstration at a football game halftime show when he was a kid (I think this was supposed to have happened in Michigan). I'm not sure if Ueshiba ever traveled to mainland US.
Q: What master(s) did you study under?

Sensei: I was in and out of Japan as a youth and saw Tohei Sensei when he was still with Hombu Dojo. I studied with numerous teachers who you don't know and never heard of; from Isoyama Sensei to Abe Sensei. Just a bunch of people most of who are dead

Not too sure on the veracity of these statements, but there ya go anyway.
If you're not too sure on the veracity of these statements, why go there at all?

(In the old days, when mastodons roamed the prairies and steppes and humans were making a pact with the devil to serve him on this earth if only he would free us from the tyranny of megafauna, we called that "a rhetorical question." Now that we have replaced the megafauna that preceded us with super highways, parking lots and clouds of data that allow us to externalize our memories we have no time for any characterization longer than "snark." Can there be any surer sign that we have entered into the fourth turn of the wheel, the time called Kali-yuga?)


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