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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

Don Magee wrote: View Post

1) Getting punched sucks.
2) Speed, power, and agility count for a LOT. Anyone who says otherwise has never been in a fight.
3) No on ever throws a single punch, it's like holding a sign saying hit me.
4) Those 'big soft pillows called gloves are neither big nor soft.
5) It's still possible for me to be overwhelmed and break rank so t he speak.
4) Getting punched sucks.

I want to once and for all break myself of the fear of getting punched in the face by a man who wants to knock me out.
Totally agree with number 1 and number 4!

Also, like you, I would like to rid myself of the fear of being punched in the face.

I still have to say age has to have something to do with all this.
Back at around the age of 18/19 being hit in the head didnt really phase me. [neither did wiping out/slamming on a sk8 board ramp... though it did take the air nicely out of me.]

With age, I have found both falling on ramps and getting punched in the face... sucks. [Gives me a new perspective on a few things to be certain... and I agree, those gloves arent that soft, especially the light ones that I have been popped in the face with recently.]

One thing though, cardio... boxing/thai boxing has that going for it.

All the pieces of the puzzle seem to be coming together for me though concerning cross-training, etc. as to what does what, why and when, etc.

As of now my newest thing is to try the bridge exercise for wrestling to build up neck strength. The importance of conditioning for any martial art, as well as just staying healthy is becoming more of a priority than technique, etc.

I remember when me and a group of friends got together at around 18 and one guy came back from college and challenged everyone one on one. He was a small guy and wiped everyone but me out... [pinned]. I had no technique, or knowledge of any ground/grappling sport, etc. and relied on pure strength.

It says a lot for him, and me, I suppose, that neither of us could pin the other. [I was too strong, though light... about 145lbs benching around 250lbs - and he had technique]

Its only very recently that I have even thought about training in any grappling, etc. - I had always preferred the striking arts, though my time in Aikido has helped me to see the value and place of grappling, etc.

... now, if I can only get more weapons training in.



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