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Andrew Macdonald
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Re: Martial Ineffectiveness

morning everyone

(before morning coffee so this might have to be edited at a later date, please don;t hate me for my lack of caffine)

this is a good an interesting topic, and one that all people in the martial arts have to deal with at some time)

there are many many things you have to consider for Martial effectiveness. Alot of people tried to defien what this effectiveness meant in Aikido, for me this is kind of answer b looking at the training, i am not trained to dodge bullets so i will not ask my aikido to be effective against that, yes i might be able to rol out of the way but that would be down to luck i thnk that any so of battle plan,

Aikido is not a sport so again i would not be expecting myself to go in to a karate arena and conme out with a gold medal, i would hope thoguh that i could use my footwork and some technique to get out of the way (kararte people that i have met punch really hard )

how ever if i am attacked in the street byone or more people that i would expect my aikido to be of some use to me,

by this i don;t mean that i am going to be doing very clean teachniques and walk away without a scratch but that i can use the attirbutes that i learn in aikido , footwork, unbalancing, joint control... to survivie, as this is the area that I am training aikido for

again when you get in to symantics like that you can argue forever about the emanig behind a word or phrase

to make you Aikido effective, you really need good partners, and you need to do resistant training, parneter that are not going ot 'let you off' with having opening in your technique, lots of time in the dojo i have been doing a technique and my uke (for many reason, sometime a higher grade who whants to point somethig out, sometimes a lower grade who isn't sure of the ukemi) has shaken me off and walked out out of the tech.

so muy tachniques have alot of openings, i need to tighten them up, and i need my uke to really try to attack me

mindset is also very inportant, if you are not used to physcial confronttation your stuff will have less chance of working, i have done some training with solders and one of thier ideas it to do some really hig impact CV training and then wheny ou are at your limit then attack each other, you are to tired to think, and you just react

very very nice training in my opinion

if you want to check more on reality training and the adreneline dump check out Geoff Thompson, excellent Martial artist. has writtne alot about effective training
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