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Re: Martial Ineffectiveness

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
(I must plead for forgiveness in advance here, and ask that Jun not kick me off the forum for taking a thread on the martial effectiveness of Aikido and nudging it over in the direction of a system vs system debate, but I am really curious about this.)

I understand why you might point a prospective student who is looking for more street effectiveness to Yoseikan (Aikido with integrated karatedo and judo as I understand it) or Tomiki (competition). But what do you think the Yoshinkai have to offer such a candidate that subsystems closer to the Aikikai do not?
My experience with the Yoshinkai folks is not great. In fact, the few times folks from their style have trained with us, everyone seemed to pretty compatible. But Shioda left O-Sensei mostly because he couldn't go with him on the spiritual side so the Yoshinkai folks seem to have little preoccupation with such things. Their technique tends be very direct and they are better at teaching the fundamentals than most styles. Mostly they seem to uniformly train very hard.

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