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Re: Martial Ineffectiveness

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
.Anyone who is totally wedded to the idea of practical fighting application of their Aikido should really do one of the Aikido styles that came out of the 30's. Patrick Auge down in LA is Mochizuki Sensei's senior foreign student. Chuck Clark Sensei and his own Aaron up here in the Seattle area come out of the Tomiki lineage although they have their own style now. Amos Parker Shihan or Robert Mustard Sensei come from the Shioda lineage. Allan Beebe trained with Shirata Sensei. These systems were founded by teachers who trained with O-Sensei before the art was even called Aikido. If you want martial application, that's where to go, in my opinion. Post war Aikido was structured differently and was intended to be something different.
(I must plead for forgiveness in advance here, and ask that Jun not kick me off the forum for taking a thread on the martial effectiveness of Aikido and nudging it over in the direction of a system vs system debate, but I am really curious about this.)

I understand why you might point a prospective student who is looking for more street effectiveness to Yoseikan (Aikido with integrated karatedo and judo as I understand it) or Tomiki (competition). But what do you think the Yoshinkai have to offer such a candidate that subsystems closer to the Aikikai do not?
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