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Re: Martial Ineffectiveness

Francis Takahashi wrote: View Post
Over the decades, we have suffered loss after loss of our first pioneers of Aikido, our Senseis, our Sempai , our sources of inspiration.

Let us learn from our mistakes, in order not to repeat them.

George Ledyard Shihan is one of those rare gifts to Aiki and to mankind, that we are foolish to take for granted. No more. Let us encourage him to write his books, talk his walks. After all, he has always walked his talk.

George, yoroshiku onegaeshimasu!!!!!!!!

francis y takahashi
Francis, You embarrass me... especially something like that coming from my favorite Happy Buddha. I've thought about a book... but I have to say, talking to Ellis and Bill Gleason about how much work it actually is, hasn't made me want to jump right up and give it a try. Especially the fairly small return for such massive effort. How about an Aikido based thriller that would sell big time at airports? and have movie rights? and I could have an agent... and maybe an "entourage"... I always wanted to have an "entourage". Well. may be not. I think for the time being, I'll stick with my videos. Between these forums and my videos, I think I can do the most good without giving myself an ulcer... Now, if we are talking about Peter G putting his material into book form, I am all over that!!!!

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