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Re: What is what with Scott Sonnon's material?

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
Are you calling Jeremy a big dumb object?

Just kidding...

And there's always the heavy bag. I know Neil's talked about some of his CMA acquaintances being able to walk up to a heavy bag and basically fold them in half with almost no movement. I could certainly see how training with weights too early could be a bad idea, but it is kind of an interesting point. Dan or Rob, you following this? Any opinion?
I'm against it, especially for the first couple of years. (This is assuming you're all for training this stuff in a goody-two-shoe fashion )
I think the vast majority of people have had varying degrees of experience with lifting weights (whether improper or not is another matter). But since the requirements needed to hold and manipulate a weight are so contrary to the habits generally incurred by people when lifting weights, I think, its detrimental to use them as previous habits generally take over, slowing down progress. Hell I thought I wasn't using shoulder, and it turned out I was wrong.

FWIW Ark claims he's never really used weights to further his training. (He's also quick to point out that he doesn't say that "weight lifting is bad" either, just that you need to think about "how" you're doing it, which is really just a condensed version of what I said above).
Using long pole weapons, etc generally take the place of using weights in his curriculum, and if you know what you're doing, will cause plenty of stress on the body, which has its own can of worms that you have to fight (are you engaging the shoulders yatta yatta yatta).

Btw, the whole point is to increase the load that your "frame"/"conditioning" can handle. The very fact that Ark can put Jeremy on his back and do Shiko using winding mechanics (given his size and weight) says a lot about how much stress his body can take...and should be a hint towards what people should be working towards
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