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Re: What is aiki?

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Perhaps your edition is out of date.......
I think he meant our wiki, the aikiwiki on the left side of this webpage..

I think it's good that it (the definition) is currently unsettled. Everyone seems to have a different understanding, and if I thought there should be a wiki entry for "aiki" in the vocab section, that fact is all I would feel comfortable putting in.

"Aiki" had a meaning when O-sensei studied under Takeda, as far as I have read on these forums. But the word now has different meanings to people. So it seems colloquially to have ceased to have an invariant meaning.

I would be happy for people to settle on a definition that isn't subject to the "here's what it means to me" form of understanding. That settling may happen in one certain way, depending on the spread of skills and physical, first-hand understanding in the next few years. (you're probably either tired of reading sentences like that or already agreeing with what I am saying, or both. Sorry to bore..)

ps I don't like it when people define "ki" as spirit, there are words for spirit in all the languages that use the "ki" character as far as I understand. Ki is a physical phenomenon. But that discussion belongs in the "what is ki" thread..
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