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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

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Thanks for sharing Don...I was going to call you Mr. Magee, but didn't know if you would think I was busting your chops.

Have you noticed how fast and smooth your punches/combos are after you take off the gloves? Those things are much heavier than they look too!

I boxed a little as a teenager, and more recently (as an over-the-hill adult) started training in Yoseikan Budo. Although that was a long time ago, I noticed right away the commonalities between aikido taisabaki and basic boxing footwork. Irimi, hiraki, nagashi, and irimi senkai all seem pretty similiar when broken down. What do you think?
I'd say there are some very basic similarities. A lot of the footwork in boxing just boils down to 'move the lead leg first'. I do a lot of what I call 'opening the door' when I box which I guess you could say is similar to Nagashi. Except I take a quick step in as I do it and throw a left hook.

- Don
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein
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