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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

Don Magee wrote: View Post

The advantage of it all is that I know punch at least twice as fast, twice as hard, and way way more accurately then I did a year ago.
Thanks for sharing Don...I was going to call you Mr. Magee, but didn't know if you would think I was busting your chops.

Have you noticed how fast and smooth your punches/combos are after you take off the gloves? Those things are much heavier than they look too!

I boxed a little as a teenager, and more recently (as an over-the-hill adult) started training in Yoseikan Budo. Although that was a long time ago, I noticed right away the commonalities between aikido taisabaki and basic boxing footwork. Irimi, hiraki, nagashi, and irimi senkai all seem pretty similiar when broken down. What do you think?

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