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Re: Martial Ineffectiveness

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This is an interesting thread but I would ask one question regarding about focussed attacks to facilitate martial effectiveness per George's post.

I am quite adept at striking with hands, feet, elbows, knees, head, etc. depending on the range, body position, etc. from my training in kyokushin, however I can't attack at more than a fraction of my ability because I can't receive the same in kind. I would go so far as to suggest either nage or myself would be seriously injured in the process (nage if they couldn't effect a technique, me probably if they did!)

Similarly, can you really make something martially effective without testing the rigours of being injured as you are in virtually any fight. We used to train extensively in driving elbows into forearms, knees into shins, etc. in an attempt to overwhelm your opponent - a sort of Pyrrhic victory. The last person left standing was the one who could take the most punishment.

Acting this way turns the whole things on its ear, but is it a true representation of a fight?
I enjoy training knife defenses. I am aware that I would most likely get cut up if I ever had to use those skills. However, I am really not interested in slashing myself open for the purpose of making my training more reality-based.
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