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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

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Hello Don,

Does boxing give you a different perspective on atemi?

Would it be surprising to know that my coach only has me throw 3 punches 99% of the time? Almost all of the training is just different combos of jab, cross, hook.

Really, it just reinforced what I already knew.

1) Getting punched sucks.
2) Speed, power, and agility count for a LOT. Anyone who says otherwise has never been in a fight.
3) No on ever throws a single punch, it's like holding a sign saying hit me.
4) Those 'big soft pillows called gloves are neither big nor soft.
5) It's still possible for me to be overwhelmed and break rank so t he speak.
4) Getting punched sucks.

I also learned a lot abou the sport. What I thought was just two guys taking turns hitting each other is really about slipping and entering.

My coach would say "make them miss, make them pay". Most of the ring training revolved around slipping punches. You learn to enter when your opponent punches and then hit him from an unseen and undefended angle. It is those punches, the one's you don't see coming, that knock you on your ass.

I've been in martial arts from a young childs age. I still find myself 'breaking' durring heavy boxing sparring. By breaking I mean making huge fight ending mistakes like closing my eyes, turning my head, exposing my chin when I punch, and getting overwhelmed and actually turning away from my attacker.

That is why I started boxing actually. While I've made great strides in these areas though aliveness training in bjj and the small amount of mma training I do from time to time, I want to once and for all break myself of the fear of getting punched in the face by a man who wants to knock me out.

The advantage of it all is that I know punch at least twice as fast, twice as hard, and way way more accurately then I did a year ago.

Boxing is a weird beast though. Almost none of the training I've had in the past (except the few random muay thai lessons) transfers to it. The footwork is the exact opposite of judo for example. However at least 75% of everything I've learned (hell maybe 90%) is directly transferable back to my previous training. On top of that it is the hardest physical exercise I've ever done in martial arts. I've been out of boxing for a few weeks due to filling in for a teacher at the college who was sick, but I can't wait to get back. It doesn't matter that I suck at it and get beat up by 17 year old kids. It is awesome.

- Don
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