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Re: My Own thoughts on Aikido

Eugene Leslie wrote: View Post
I am not quite sure what do you want to expess by writing this?
Is this a definition of terms or ...?

I will try to ak some questions:

First: The way you arrange the syllables, representing the kanji of aikido, is different from the way I arrange them when writing them in romanji.
I understand our practice or the art of Ueshiba Morihei as Aiki Do.
And again aiki can be understood in different ways.

Next: Do you understand "ai" as "love" or do you understand it the way the original kanji of aikido means?
How can we being westerner/christians ... adapt terms of harmony/blending ... which are based in a shintoistic/buddhistic worldview?

Further on: How do you understand "ki"? It depends on the style of aikido you practice: Do you deal with "ki" the way it is done in Shin shin toitsu do/aikido or do you undertand/practice it in other ways?
What is ki in your eyes?

Finally: What concept of "do" do you have? Do you understand it as "dao". And if so, how can you connect/relate this to your western worldview?

In my eyes ai ki do is not a definition, but a question.

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