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Re: Martial Ineffectiveness

If you and I belonged to the same dojo and trained together, would I be able to judge if your Aikido would be effective in a fight ouside the dojo or vice versa.
Would a sensei be able to tell if his students could?
Would a student be able to tell if his sensei could?

These questions are puzzling to me... you have stated that you are Nidan in Tae Kwon Do.

Have you never been in the role to evaluate a student or two?

Have you never given pointers to kyu ranks while sparring?

When sparring with your peers, were you able to evaluate their ability to fight?

Do those situations afford you the opportunity to evaluate their skills to determine their ability to fight outside of the dojang?

Do you think you could evaluate if your instructor could fight outside of the dojang?

I am befuddled, help me understand?
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