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Larry Camejo (L. Camejo) wrote:
I always think about martial implications/applications. In fact, if the techniques/exercises don't work right when applied in a martial/resistant sense I'm usually missing a key principle inherent in the technique/exercise.
This is the key and what those who understand what Budo is usually mean. I did not have time to answer Ken's post as I left - seems I don't have to now but to add to the pot.

Martial effectiveness isn't about creating maximum pain, or eating babies or whatever. It's applying techniques with the application in mind. Proper technique requires a very precise combination of mental and physical action.

What's missing in many dojos? That precision - also referred to as sloppy technique. I see the same problem in many dojos/arts that claim to be martially effective (ie. their students scream in pain more) again without understanding what real effectiveness looks like.

Carl by the way has a very good teacher. Please give Serge my regards.

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