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Re: My Own thoughts on Aikido

I'll be honest. My impression of those statements matches Jun's.

This forum is often hard on new people. It was rough on me too at first. But lately I've been noticing a lot more frequently lower kyu's getting beat on for trying to share their thoughts.

This poor guy is excited about what he is learning. No doubt as he trains his understanding will get deeper as I have found mine is. Instead of bashing him over the head for saying something you disagree with you might try sharing your own insights without all of the condescension and insults. He might even be more inclined to listen to you that way. Lord knows those I see who act so ridiculously I tend to not bother to look to for information.

I have found great value in reading. Linda and I have read many of the same books. Can reading make my aikido good? No but it can help me have more understanding of what martial arts and budo is about and what aikido is about. Actually I like to read life experiences of martial artists. I avoid the technique books. Those things I learn in the dojo.
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