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Re: non-Japanese cannot become shihan anymore?

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
Am I right in thinking that the conclusion of this thread is that non-Japanese can in fact become shihan (supported by the recent promotions of Wagnar Bull Sensei etc), but that there are different classes of shihan which are limited by nationality? If so, could we have more details on that alleged limitation? For example, is this just a common opinion or is it official policy?


Hello Carl,

Conclusion? I thought the thread had been concluded several pages back, but it keeps coming back to life.

The only body that can specify the Hombu's official policy is the Hombu, certainly not me. However, I am pretty sure that the Hombu would strongly deny that it has ever had a policy of limiting classes of shihans by nationality and that it had such a policy now.

Critics could argue that the Hombu's actions actually consitute a de facto policy, but I think this would be very difficult to prove.

Best eishes,


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