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Carl Simard wrote:
My sensei also trained something like 10 years under Tadashi Abbe and I must agree with you that it seemed to be somewhat different...
(Note: I originally posted this on the Aikido Journal site a year or two ago)

An interesting story about Tadashi Abe from "Aikido Ichiro" (it's just a quick translation from the Japanese, so it's a little rough):

Abe was walking to the dojo one day and he saw a little man in Japanese clothing in his early thirties. This man had very white skin and appeared to be somewhat feminine. Abe decides that this person is some kind of scum and tries to block his path in the road, but the man just walks around him. Abe gives up and goes into the dojo. He practices for about an hour when he notices a little man throwing a very large partner left and right. He looks more closely and realizes that the little man is the same person he tried to pick a fight with in the street. Abe asks his practice partner who the little man is and discovers that the feminine little man from the street is none other than K. Ueshiba himself. Abe hadn't been at the Kobukan very long, and although he had heard K. Ueshiba's name that was the first time that he had seen him in person. K. Ueshiba walks over and talks to him, and then Abe tries attacking him, but as soon as he's touched by K. Ueshiba he finds himself flying in the air. He gets up and K. Ueshiba throws him thirty or forty times. He'd been practicing ukemi, so this wasn't much of a problem, but then K. Ueshiba grabs his wrist and applies a technique that that turns his entire numb and makes him scream. K. Ueshiba cautions him about violent behavior in the future - Abe apologizes and asks about the technique, which turns out to have been yonkyo.



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