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Re: My Own thoughts on Aikido

Eugene Leslie wrote: View Post
Why the sardonic contention?
Sorry, I truly didn't mean to be sardonic!

I just think by practicing aikido you are looking for something which you wouldn't find in most dojo, I know and train. If you can get it in your dojo, that is fine with me.

The words "spiritual", "ideals", "vision" and "virtue" were all my limited vocabulary could conjure. - I wrote a disclaimer sentence in one of these posts stating that I wasn't searching for divine answers in Aikido.
Well yes, but the words "spiritual", "ideals", "vision" and "virtue" tend to lead right this direction. So I was asking whether you have a clear understanding of the apple and the tree?

As I said before:
As far as I get you right, I am not sure whether you would find your vision of aikido in the dojo I know. Although we are very peaceful, I think.
But we practice Aikido as a martial art. Like other martial arts. And we sometimes train with student of Kung fu, Kali, Arnis, Boxing, Karate or Judo. There is no difference in "spirituallity" or "wisdom" between them and us. And there is no difference in effectiveness.

I know teachers of Kung fu, of Karate, of Boxing ... who are as wise, as peaceful, as "spiritual" as teachers of aikido I know.
And I know some hot tempered aikido teachers who, I think, wouldn't fit into your image of aikido. But are respected and well known.

And: The more you progress, the more, I think, you will realize what aikido will do to an attacker who isn't used to take ukemi.
Please check how this fits in your thinking about spirituallity or ideals. Aikido is designed to hurt an attacker very badly. Is that the tree, you meant?


I mean, I've experienced raw aggression in real life. I've taken kung-fu where the sifu hated the sensei of the karate dojo in town and it was reciprocated and as students we were pretty much caught up in it and when the Western Canadian annual tourneys came to town they sometimes became parking lot brawls. (Real nice regional ambassadors, eh?). As much as I liked Bruce Lee and kung-fu it didn't sit right with me. Now I'm older; maybe wiser; and I discovered Morehei Ueshiba and Aikido.
So do you think you can see my point of view when I say those words?[/quote]
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