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Andrew Macdonald
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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

this is really an excellent thread

cross training actually assists all styles of MA as these days many arts have become very specific in the methods

broadening your horizons i.e. adding striking to a grappling art and vice versa can never be a bad thing

As for striking IMO

you need to train at different levels

slow and controlled: to get the feel

faster and hard: to get a more practical application

free: to help build up a mental toughnessmore flow of you technique. also build up defensive footwork ie. if you miss the defense you need to have the footwork to get back into a good position

the attack from these also vary in ferocity and style,

yes not all attacks are from a uncontrolled thugbut we must be prepared for the worst

there are very few traditional martial arts that were designed to defeat other martial artists, if you look at the huge difference between sport fighting and real fighting this really become very clear. but most people who want to 'test' their skill go into the competition circuit and there fore have ton change their game to suit

this is no a option in aikido really, so we have ot try to bring realistic training in ot our dojo, without changing what O-sensei had in mind
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