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Re: My Own thoughts on Aikido

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
What are those "spiritual aspects"?
O Sensei was a believer of Oomoto kyo. So are we talking about shinto here?
In our dojo there is no talking about spiritual aspects. We just practice ...

What is this vision?
O Sensei thought of Japan bringing peace to the world.
I am not Japanese.

I it really an apple, what you find far from ...
... what tree do you consider to be the one of aikido?

I'm not sure, but reading about you thinking about faith, maybe I'd rather invite you into my church.Not into my dojo. I think.


Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Right! Now, if you can just establish what "the ideals and virtues of Osensei" were, then we can get right down to enforcing conformity with same among all who practice aikido.
Really guys? If you disagree w/ me or don't like my comments just say as much. Why the sardonic contention?
The words "spiritual", "ideals", "vision" and "virtue" were all my limited vocabulary could conjure.
I wrote a disclaimer sentence in one of these posts stating that I wasn't searching for divine answers in Aikido.
I mean, I've experienced raw aggression in real life. I've taken kung-fu where the sifu hated the sensei of the karate dojo in town and it was reciprocated and as students we were pretty much caught up in it and when the Western Canadian annual tourneys came to town they sometimes became parking lot brawls. (Real nice regional ambassadors, eh?). As much as I liked Bruce Lee and kung-fu it didn't sit right with me. Now I'm older; maybe wiser; and I discovered Morehei Ueshiba and Aikido.
So do you think you can see my point of view when I say those words?

Self-discipline is the chief element of self-esteem; and self-esteem the chief element of courage. Thucydides
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