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Re: Tanden Rotation

Hi Jonathan

For simplicity Sifu = CMA Sensei = Aikido

I had another talk with Sensei last night and he doesn't seem to be faking it - he does seem to be a natural. The only things he does are some simple deep breathing exercises and zen meditation (although he does visualize the microscopic orbit in meditation).

In terms of the feeling, its different from my CMA sifu - there are some movements like morotedori kokyunage (where he throws just by the internal rotation of the forearm with only a slight movement of the feet) or some katatetori techniques that I am resisiting strongly that seem internal but for the most part it seems just like a powerful "normal" aikido - i.e. similar to other high ranking Sensei whose seminars I have taken.

But I may be too influenced by what I read in transparent power and on aikiweb. There is no "jolt" of energy and my centre is not taken without my knowledge (where the next moment I am lying on my back on the ground). I confess I havent felt any of these energetic effects that people write about in my CMA either.

With my Sifu our interaction mainly comes from push hands and I am totally dominated - he is like a blanket over me. But I sense that he lets me make the mistakes where Iovercommit or leave openings rather than creating a collapse in my structure from a strong "stable position". When Sifu does fajing it feels "cleaner" but that may be because he has already compromised my structure or taking advantage of an opening without my knowledge which my Sensei does through a more obvious kuzushi. But to be fair its harder in the usual aikido kata since you know what is going to happen, so its not like free training

Another explanation may be is that my Sensei has "gong" (the power) but his sensitivity and technique are not done / refined enough /trained in a way that is completely internal. So I don't know, but wanted to share with the community anyways.

In terms of the tanden rotation - my understanding is that is very much a free spinning ball like an apple in a cup where the cup is the sacrum to quote a colleague on rum soaked fist, and its freely spinning even when you are standing stationary. Its not like the twisting of the waist which is only a partial turn.

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