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Shane Goodrich
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Re: Basic Internal training exercises?

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
Shane, it was nice meeting you.
Keith is a great guy and you are lucky to have him for a teacher.
If you can get to UConn - which is a lot closer to you - one of my students (Brian) is teaching aikido there on a rotation. Brian has a good handle on the solo and paired practices we learned from Dan.

The advice you got above about concentrating on how to do the solo work is very good advice - so is the advice about contacting your teacher.

Hi Rob, I emailed you at some hotmail address asking about those Uconn Aikido classes a few days ago, Uconn is only 15 mins away and I have a friend who is also interested(who has a car). When does this person teach? How much do the classes cost? Does he incorporated the internal stuff into the classes or more of a ask after class kind of thing? Thanks for the help in class, I really liked all the mental images you were trying to get me to think about to help get my body doing things the correct way.

On Tuesday Keith, Bruce and I tried practicing those two person exercises(pushing on each other chests, walking forward while being pushed,etc) it was fun, but challenging.

Dan: I will tell Kieth to call.
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