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Re: My Own thoughts on Aikido

Michael Fooks wrote: View Post
this thread is kind of weird.
Beginners aren't allowed to have an opinion on their new passion? They should just shut up and train?
Sure they'll have alot of misconceptions and a lot of learning to do, but for many people (like myself) talking discussing reading and engaging in dialogue is part of how they learn, how they start to process information. No one is suggesting this as a substitute for training but as and adjunct to it, very useful, and, frankly enjoyable.
So why jump down their throats?

"More you practice, less you have to say about aikido"

really? That raises the obvious question, why bother to somewhere like aikiweb in the first place??

Seems odd to me to come to an internet discussion forum on Aikido and berate people for wanting to discuss Aikido.
Ideally, yes, no opinions, only empty mind. This way they have no emotional or intellectual filters, and can learn exactly what instructor is teaching. Have you ever seen such situation, when during seminar guest instructor is trying to teach something, but 99% ppl still practice exactly the same way as they do in their own dojo? That happens because they already have their own opinion how the technique should work.

Regarding your second question, I have few friends here and I like to chat with them sometimes. Also there are some very advanced aikidoka whose opinions are important to read.

I'm not against discussing Aikido, but against no-kyu and 5th kyu shihans lecturing everybody what aikido is and how we should practice. They create the informational noise on the forum that suffocates valuable info that comes from experienced folks.


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