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Re: My Own thoughts on Aikido

Alec Corper wrote: View Post
hello Szczepan,
Glad to see you haven't changed. we met several years ago at the Hombu in a seminar with tada sensei, and then went for a drink with peter goldsbury. You were pretty clear in your thoughts then, maybe a touch abrasive for the gentler souls amongst us but you do walk your talk, and you've trained long enough to speak your mind. Osu
Hi Alec, how's going?
I remember you very well, recently we talked with my wife about that meeting with you and Peter in the context of planning our next trip to Japan I hope we will meet again one day to practice and have nice beer waza! Are you in Holland?

I'd rather say -- firm. I'm very polite person, but the training taught me to recognize specific situations when you have to be firm and clearly state what is white and what is black. Of course I don't have any illusions as to efficiency of my writing. Changing someone is a difficult process and can't be done with words.


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