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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

Worries me too Don. That mind set might give you comfort in that you have a particular scenario in your head and you've already played out the roles with the actors.

In reality that Thug, In economic terms, as calculated the cost/benefit ratio risk/return in his head and has a game plan and is actually fairly surgical in his attack. Don't confuse it with skill, as he may have none other than suprising you and overwhelming you with whatever to get to what he wants, acheive his objective and exit.

If you can weather his attack, regroup, and turn the tide in your direction...that is the key IMO and something we probably need to practice over and over from positions of failure.

Counting on him being off balance, in a rage...yeah...sure, that is one scenario for sure...but it is jus that, one scenario.

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