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Wink Re: Basic Internal training exercises?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Hello Shane
You were the big guy with all the questions right? And hey, I'm a nobody in the Martial Arts world, internal or otherwise. Glad you had a good time, bud. Yes the circumstances were a bit unusual weren't they?
If you're really interested in how I did what I did to you guys that night; asking about it here won't get you very far. I would approach your teacher or the owner of that dojo about meeting and training with me again.
One caution that those individuals already know-that addresses some of your observations: I don't really "do" seminars. I was only there helping out some MMA / karate / Aikido teachers who are friends of mine and that's all. You might want to talk with them.
Oh...I had fun too-how's that leg!
Hi, I sent you a pm. And no I was not that big guy I was that tall guy , people that are half a foot shorter than me, weigh more and are stronger! And yes I did ask lots of questions, I always ask lots of question, I thirst for information.

As for my leg it hurt like hell when I tried to bend it for two days! I need to learn that deflection move(and just condition my body to take blows I done guess) and my tongue hurt from when I bit it, the brutality of your methods oh my .
I thought you told me you did not train newbies like me? I would really like to train with you again but I don't have a car I just got lucky that the place were Keith(my teacher) runs his classes were closed for the week, so Don(who is Keiths teacher) invited him to bring his adult class to that Karate place. I came along and met you and now I wish to add Internal training to my martial arts practice.
I recall you telling me the importance of solo training and how people were able to make gains with only 3 or 4 training sessions with you along with regular practice of the solo exercises.
Thanks for the help you gave me, hopefully I can further my study of internal arts.

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