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Re: My Own thoughts on Aikido

David Henderson wrote: View Post
I appreciate your sincerity, but, with equal sincerity, I wonder why you feel a need for folks you are interacting with on the internet to act in a certain way in order for you to have faith. I think it's enough to practice and develop faith in yourself, whatever path you choose.


(faith = faith in Osensei's vision of Aikido)

You're right of course.

Perhaps I forget at times that people are individuals and everyone has their own little idiosyncracies which should be overlooked. Perhaps it is fear of rejection. Perhaps I misperceive at times. Perhaps it is idealism and this is probably closest to the truth: not everyone has the ideals and virtues of Osensei nor should one expect another in Aikido to practice the same ideals of a spiritual giant like him; but they ought to be an example at their tone if not their content....especially the sempai.
Forget mentor...choose another main point in all this, (and I maintain my stance), is, I repeatThe reason I was drawn to aikido was the spiritual aspects (call them concepts, blueberrys, rainbarrels, whatever) so that's my topic and this is a forum on Aikido; right??
And YES, I do expect folks...Aiki folks to act in a certain an extent at least to maintain a certain "faith" in Osenseis vision. I've been privy to the alternative in other MAs and it's rather ugly to me.

David Henderson wrote: View Post
One also could make the argument that, particularly with a person who wants to do alot of reading and thinking about aikido, and also wants to learn Aikido, the best single peice of advice a "mentor" could give would be to forget your concepts and practice.
Why have these forums at all then?

Its funny..... I'm excited and passionate about Aikido and the venerable founder but I'm finding in some cases the apple has fallen far from the tree.......but the universe gives me examples to follow when I least expect them that recharge my batteries.

Faith faith faith. D**n straight I require it! I've read (too much) about the war and the deprivations that occur on earth even now and my own life experiences and I'm not searching for divine answers in Aikido I'm merely believing. (I spelled it right this time).

Thank-you for your insights. I read them with an open heart and mind.

Self-discipline is the chief element of self-esteem; and self-esteem the chief element of courage. Thucydides
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