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Re: Basic Internal training exercises?

Shane Goodrich wrote: View Post
I recently had the opportunity to meet with Dan Harden(last Wednesday), I had no idea who he was, though I now realize he is quite the name in the internal martial arts world. On the previous Monday I work with some of his students doing 2 person exercises and did a bit more of those with Dan. And I was very impressed.

Unfortunately I did not learn any solo stuff. And it was an unusual chance for me to even meet with his students, let alone Dan himself. And it may be some time before I meet with those students again and I may never meet Dan again.
So I need some help with internal solo exercises, I've search a bit on this forum but did not come across what I was looking for, either the stuff was too advanced or used lots of terms I was not familiar with.

Can any one direct me to some videos, books or other information regarding solo training for the beginner with no prior internal art experience(unless you count the 5 hours or so last week).

Anything(legit) would be better than nothing, thanks.
Hello Shane
You were the big guy with all the questions right? And hey, I'm a nobody in the Martial Arts world, internal or otherwise. Glad you had a good time, bud. Yes the circumstances were a bit unusual weren't they?
If you're really interested in how I did what I did to you guys that night; asking about it here won't get you very far. I would approach your teacher or the owner of that dojo about meeting and training with me again.
One caution that those individuals already know-that addresses some of your observations: I don't really "do" seminars. I was only there helping out some MMA / karate / Aikido teachers who are friends of mine and that's all. You might want to talk with them.
Oh...I had fun too-how's that leg!

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