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Re: My Own thoughts on Aikido

Without books and reading (and the internet now) how would one know of Japan let alone martial arts and Aikido?
Here's a book.... Farenheit 451.
As far as the written word goes, as a student of history I learned long ago that one should read many sources and then decide for oneself.

Of course people who espouse their superior knowledge on a subject without credentials and the actions of studying should be corrected . There are those whom seek to subvert and practice anarchy or profitable greed.
Should I defend the fact that I am a beginner when I ask questions?
I'm trusting in faith of the experienced to guide me in my new endeavor. I never once said "I know already" because I read a book.
But I do have life experience.
I appreciate criticism and correction.
From what I understand (from reading those books), the experienced Aikidoka should be exhibiting patience and understanding towards beginners, no?
If one trains/studies any craft for many years, and a comment or question of a neophyte raises their heart-rate and causes contempt and resentment....then are they really a mentor or someone that can be trusted to teach or explain? Especially Aikido which Osensei says is a gift to the world. Love and compassion.
I sincerely apologize if I stepped on anyone's toes.
Thanks for the links Mr. Krause and the explanation of "styles" or the real lack thereof. I have been informed.

I'm trying really hard to reject my hard-wired westernized ego and be the loving character my spirit wants me to be; but it is made difficult when stonewalled and/or treated with slight regard.
I'm not trying to puff myself up or appear intelligent or knowledgeable. My questions and comments may be misconstrued as such. I have been in many fights as youngster; it was survival..and I approach Aikido with that in mind. That's why I asked about the effectiveness of Aikido in a real fight. I'm not an MMA guy or a scrapper. Now that I'm older my spirit is guiding me towards my true purpose and true character. And it has brought me to Aikido and the teachings of Morehei Ueshiba.
I want to beleive so I will have continued faith in people and just clam up. I don't want to contend. Osensei instructed not to.
Thank-you Mr.Skaggs for the reality check from the source.

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