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Re: My Own thoughts on Aikido

Eugene Leslie wrote: View Post
Can someone direct me to a website or literature that explains the different "styles" of Aikido? I would just like to educate myself more on the subject...
Eugene Leslie wrote: View Post
Thank-you. I was hoping for a particular, reveiwed site or book but I guess the whole world wide web will do nicely.
While I agree with the suggested answer to most of the questions and beginner opinions on the nature of aikido here - you should train another decade or so.

The issue of "flavours" or "styles" is slightly different - it is not practical for most people to train in multiple styles to the level of creating a real opinon about them. And training for lots of years in your dojo, may improve many things, but not your knowledge of the things done in other Dojos. Thus, this is one of the few areas I guess reading is probably the only realistic possibly for most people (there are the few singulars who did train in multiple styles to high level).

There are many threads on Aikiweb about styles, yet I still think the best thread on Aikido styles on the net is the following:
note - to read it you might be required you to register to E-budo too.

There are also quite a few good threads here at Aiki-web, such as:
* for starters:

* On organizations (another side of styles):

* Comparing styles (you can find many more threads about this):

* Are these styles Aikido? or is evryone outside our box a fraud (some probably are, many are not)
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