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paul watt (paw) wrote:
Carl and Jason,

What do you think is "missing" from most aikido practice to day that has dilluted the art?
I don't think there's something missing or "diluted" in modern aikido by itself, it's more a question on how it's teached in some dojos. Since I wasn't there in the pre-50 years, it's hard to make an exact comparison. However, from how I understand it, some teachers put too much emphasis on a well executed technique but forget about the intent... Why a specific technique is done, where are the advantage, where are the possible openings? And when you do the technique, do you do it for teh sake of it or do you do it as it was a matter of life and death ? When your partner has fallen, do you see it only as a innofensive, fallen, partner or as a nasty opponent ready to go back on his feet and attack you again ? Do you see the tatami as a mat for people no getting or as a representation of a battlefield ? Even if the technical quality is equal, the "spirit" is different... For example, in our dojo, our sensei will many time prefer a correct but not exceptionnal technique with "soul" in it than a perfect technique without "intent" or "spirit"... Some people love that, others not... As Jason said, in some dojos, the training is more like "I attack you, you attack me, we do it 4 time and change partner and there's absolutely no danger and I have nothing to fear" instead of "this guy is really dangerous, and will kill me if I don't do something and I will not have a second chance to take him down"... Even if the technique is applied the same way, it make all the difference in the "atmosphere" of the dojo...

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