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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

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-you can clearly be perceived as a push or a pull; but your muscles always pull, as you say. that is cool. still not done thinking thru that. (was thinking 'You build a push out of your muscle pulls' , or something like that)
an example, take a balloon and grip one side of it. that is in essence a pull or contraction on one side. if you notice, the other side expand out which, in a way, a push. so in effect, you use a pull to create a push. now look at the human body, if you contract your entire backside, wouldn't that create a similar push to the front? and vice versa? so, the question is how do you train your body to be a balloon? this is one variable of the equation.

another variable of the equation (the most important one), what-if the one-point from Tohei which is the hara/dantien isn't statics but dynamics, i.e. mobile and is the actuator of all these pull (indirect push) actions? what-if Tohei only understood a small aspect of the one-point?
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