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Re: My Own thoughts on Aikido

Josh Phillipson wrote: View Post
At what point do you suggest to start trusting your own 'intellectual concepts' and stop suspending your disbelief?

Do you not think a 20 year investment just to find out if its something you want to know or do is a lot to ask for? (My 2 cents)
But what "intellectual concepts" do exist in aikido???
The only concept I know - after 16 years - is practice practice practice.

An isn't an investment of 20 years like nothing? The shihan we learn from, are practicing for over 40 years now ...

In our environment there is nearly no talking about aikido. Just doing it.

There are no intellectual concepts in aikido.

Eugene Leslie wrote: View Post
I was hoping for a particular, reveiwed site or book but I guess the whole world wide web will do nicely.
After a few years you will precicesly know, why there are no particulark, rewviewed sites or books which inform you about the different """styles""" of aikido.

To go on step further please ask yourself, how you yourself define a "style" of aikido?


My Aikido could be found in such a book on at least five places.

Is the style I am practicing called Aikido?
Or is it called Aikikai Aikido?
Or is it called Yamaguchi Aikido?
Or is it called Endo Aikido?
Or Tissier Aikido?
Or (not now but in a few years maybe) Rott (my teacher) Aikido?
Check out the link Szczepan gave you and you will learn a lot about your question.

aspects that a beginner such as I really have no concept of: the deep questions of belief in Aikido. Does it really "work" in a fight?
This is very simple: If you don't believe it, don't practice.
Look at your teacher, showing technique, i.e. kihon waza in your dojo. He is answering your question everey time he demonstrates a technique. You will never get more I think.

You don't have to believe in aikido but in your teacher. If not, don't follow him.


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