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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

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Hey guys correct me if I'm wrong but "attack" and Aikido are not compatable. Jab, punch, smash? Situational, family defense... maybe; But to intentionally seek out your opponent's blood doesn't jive with Osensei's vision of what Aikido should be.
I'm not trying to be anal here...just reconciling the philosophy, which a high level, proficient practitioner can possibly apply, making Aikido the ultimate peacemaker through neutralization.
You know what I mean .

Uke is also meant to be a representation of your 'ATTACKER' and hence he does attacks. If 'uke' is not meant to attack and his tsuki and yokomen uchis are not 'attacks'...then Aikido would be simply an art to be only used in the dojo.
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