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Re: My Own thoughts on Aikido

I agree that we should search for answers concerning techniques. I like your data-point method! You're right of course and so is Mr. Janczuk, concerning mat time and dojo training, then come back and talk about it. But give us beginners a break. I was referring to the deeper, unknown aspects that a beginner such as I really have no concept of: the deep questions of belief in Aikido. Does it really "work" in a fight? As Mr. Ingram stated in the beginning of this thread appearances can be deceiving. It looks soft and wimpy but in training one realizes how a proficient practitioner can tweak a technique to the point of deadliness. Only time in training reveals light bulb moments. Thank-you for the insight.
"It'll come." Good advice. If you have time please define "concepts".
As far as language barriers go.....I reserve my comments and I hereby bury the hatchet. Thanks peacemaker.

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