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Re: My Experiences in Cross Training MMA with Aikido

Mr. Yap

Thanks for the insight into Aikido as it applies to the world of MMA and real life situations. I wondered how it was viewed by fighters like yourself.
I too have found in Aikido training the lack of realistic "street" fighting for self-defence and have come across guest instuctors (no disrespect towards Sensei's intended) who bring their own assistants that offer no resistance and assist the instructor in their techniques without resisting or attacking in an unpredictable manner, and I found myself wondering about real-life situations.
I have a background of some hard style martial arts (just dabbled and by no means am I an expert or proficient) and I've been in real fight situations as a younger man and it seems to me that it all comes down to WHY one is training in Aikido.
If one is training to be an aggressor than he's there for the wrong reasons. This is more than opinion as O' Sensei said himself not to casually teach Aikido techniques to anyone in case it is used by thugs.
I understand that you're talking about strikes or the lack thereof in Aikido and I agree...but if I could go back in time and learn JUST Aikido, no other martial arts, then I think I would apply the fluidity and adaptiveness of Aikido as O'Sensei intended and my mind would not be occupied by thoughts of "what if" and "should I". I would react with pure Aikido and keep myself AND my opponent unharmed.
As it is I am a beginner and my cup still has some emptying to be done. If I were confronted at this stage I would no doubt strike out first because I know my capabilities: on the other hand, the reason I started Aikido was to be the civil, empathetic person that I truly am, devoid of ego and strive to be the the loving person that O'Sensei envisioned people of peace loving character to be. I have no desire to knock teeth's reprehensible to me. Once again am I fighting for pride or protection? If there's a child involved than I guess anything goes.
Now I know you're a MMA guy so you're coming from a livelihood angle in a way and I respect that.
As you said; O' Sensei was in real, potentially deadly fights and it honed his skills immeasureably and the development of Aikido benefitted.
Perhaps O'Sensei did the real fighting for all the younger people in generations to come who need not know real violent aggression in their life. Some younger Kohei and Sempai I have come into contact with probably couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag...but the development of character and in time technique will make these youngsters into men that an aggressor will be sorry to confront, regardless of strikes or no.
The rejection of ego and the love of peace are paramount to Aikido proficiency as it pertains to O'Sensei's vision.
Once again WHY does one train in Aikido?
Hopefully for the DO to KI and AI.

Self-discipline is the chief element of self-esteem; and self-esteem the chief element of courage. Thucydides
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