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Re: My Own thoughts on Aikido

Josh Phillipson wrote: View Post

Hi Szczepan,
I am very curious, may i ask 'What are your thoughts on Aikido'? Is there anything specific that you could suggest to Phil given your experience? At what point do you suggest to start trusting your own 'intellectual concepts' and stop suspending your disbelief?
Do you not think a 20 year investment just to find out if its something you want to know or do is a lot to ask for? (My 2 cents)

I'm not sure. ... I may be misreading this. Just trying to be honest.
Take care,
Hi Josh,
More you practice, less you have to say about aikido.If I may paraphrase Arikawa sensei:" don't let intellect stand between you and aikido".
Last few years I'm doing more and more heavy gardening, trying to reconnect with Mother Earth as suggested by Chiba sensei...


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