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Re: My Own thoughts on Aikido

I'm a novice. I love Aikido. I have taken some "hard", "external" martial arts. Yes, I too have experienced disbelief...O'Sensei was under 5' tall and a buck 20. Does Aikido require faith to believe? How would O' Sensei fare in the octagon? Does Ki really exist?

Those are silly questions because an accomplished Aikidoka that has applied his or her self has already won the fight before it begins.
The harmony of the universe with oneself, void of ego and unnatural thoughts and acceptance and love. Couple that with the hard work and teachings of Aikido and let the opponent's aggression defeat himself.

There's always someone more stronger, quicker, more technical, etc. etc..
Arnold Schwartenegger's (sp) testicles are just as tender as the next guy's, and his limbs only move and obey the same physical laws of nature as well. (Thanks Arnie).

Conquer fear and you've conquered death. (Gladiator movie rip-off I know, but it's true).

I suggest one read O'Sensei's teachings and look inside yourself along with your Sensei's teachings for answers and not squabble for concrete answers amongst the novices and the spiritual neophytes; (like myself at this point in time).

Can someone direct me to a website or literature that explains the different "styles" of Aikido? I would just like to educate myself more on the subject...
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