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Re: testing.....or just train..

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I think I know what you mean Tim, and ever since my 6th kyu test that's pretty much how I've been feeling. I see testing as an important part of the process but I'm not training with testing in mind just training with training in mind. I'm really finding that I just want to get down into the things I have learned so far and deepen and widen my understanding in that place for a while before building on it. The more I learn the bigger aikido gets.

There is so much I need to work on within myself, and I want to focus on that for right now. I'm aware of about when I'll hit the hour requirements for the next one but to be honest I'm not really sure I expect to be ready for it at that time. Its really not important to me at this time.
Cherie,your pretty much dead on I want more fluidity in my movements I feel like a duck the test about did me in last time I,ve picked up my cardio I just want to get to a point where I let the moves develop and flow with it witch my sensei says takes a lifetime.
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