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Summer Camp in the Rockies Report

Hi everyone,

(I wrote this originally for the Aikido-L mailing list last night. Thought I'd "cross-post" it here...)

Just got the laptop working in my dorm room (darned DHCP server) so I thought I'd drop off a quick note.

The first night of the Summer Camp in the Rockies is underway. The
drive down into Glenwood Springs was quite nice; the weather is
beautiful, albeit on the hot side, and the scenery through Glenwood Canyon is always wonderful to behold.

The first half of the class tonight was taught by Saotome sensei and he emphasized the importance of musubi in one's aikido. As always, watching him move in such a natural way makes invigorates my aikido from the inside. It's interesting that I can watch him walk across the mat, throw someone, then continue on -- without really noticing, in a way, that he actually threw someone. So natural...

Imaizumi sensei took over for the second half class and the aerobic index of the class went up about three or fourfold. We must have gone through about seven techniques through the forty minute class? Whew. People weren't quite aware of the space around them so ukemi seemed pretty dangerous; I took it slow and worked carefully... Imaizumi sensei seems very relaxed, precise, and dynamic in his aikido. It's great to see that my few experiences with Ki Society based aikido is resonating as I can see hitoriwaza and such creeping into the back of my mind. Oh, and he calls iriminage "kokyunage."

People recognizable from here include Dennis Hooker, Katherine Derbyshire, George Ledyard (from AikiWeb and Aikido Journal), Colleen Annes (from AikiWeb), and, I'm sure, many others.

In any case, the evening is still going on, so I'm headed back downstairs. I hope everyone is having a good beginning to their week!

-- Jun

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