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Re: Everybody Is An Instructorů.

Good question Ricky. Yes I think so. What should they be?

Well I think that depends on the parameters of "instructor" or "expert".

I mean how does an organization determine who the instructors and/or experts are and what code of ethics and obligations have they set forth for them to follow and teach?

I think today the internet has definitely changed how people communicate and receive information and knowledge. Do we really just rely on our local Sensei or Shihan or our respective organizations for information and knowledge? No not anymore.

So how does thisrelate?

Well I think it relates in the fact that our view on what we consider "experts" or "instructors" has changed I think.

I was just reading a book on Rock Climbing. The author was lamenting the very same thing. In Rock Climbing apparently, they have a bunch of "experts" now that are focused in a particular niche or area of climbing. Whereas it used to be that an "expert" was well rounded and had breadth as well as depth.

I think we have the same thing going on today. A few guys pick up a few things, they possess maybe a fair degree of depth in a particular area, yet they may or may not have the breadth.

I think also that the "experts" of years past have to work harder to keep up to their job of being an "expert". They have to compete with You tube, forums, and folks sharing information and knowledge across the old boundaries of yore.

I do think though that there is something that cannot necessarilyi be replaced and that is the role of a mentor. Someone that we learn to rely on and trust that helps us grow and develop in ways that things like the internet, techniques, and what not cannot tap into. Sure, we can figure out alot on our own, but I still hope that the role of a mentor is vital. It has been for me.

Also I think that we need to consider the role that cooperation, interdependence and trust play in the overall development of a person and a martial community. On one hand you might say that the internet has maybe destroyed this...that is we are so transactionally based now that we don't form deep and meaningful relationships....

On the other hand, I think maybe, that it is even more important since we are operating across greater distances in more brief connections and therefore we must work harder to maintain and establish relationships.

Not really sure...but it is what it is.

I think though that the world has changed. How we view experts, our relationship with them, and each other has changed and we need to consider that those changes have affected the very things you address...that is what are the roles, relationships, and responsibilities of both instructors/experts and students.

I don't think the models and definitions of 20 years ago necessarily apply today.

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